UNICOM® Global to hold Technology Career Fair in Los Angeles on May 3, 2014

Interview with Mr. Corry Hong, UNICOM Global’s Founder and CEO about his commitment to California and growing jobs in the technology sector

MISSION HILLS, CA – APRIL 18, 2014 – California-based UNICOM Global was founded by Corry Hong in 1981 with a vision.  Started as a one-man software company in Los Angeles, today, UNICOM Global is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world providing Enterprise Software, Computing Hardware, Telecom Equipment, IT Solutions and Services, and Financing Services to U.S.

Federal, State and Local government agencies, and Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers.  UNICOM Global was one of the recent awardees of a $22 billion Federal government contract for the Department of Homeland Security. UNICOM has delivered critical infrastructure modernization projects for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in San Diego, the Port of Oakland, LAX, Ontario and Van Nuys airports.  UNICOM also installed the wireless infrastructure for the City of Oceanside, California and managed the project for the deployment of smart water meters for the City of Houston, Texas.

Now UNICOM offers NEW Cloud solutions through its most recent acquisition of Memeo.  Memeo is a Silicon Valley-based software company, providing easy-to-use Cloud backup, and secure file-sharing software so that users and businesses can safely access documents from their computers, mobile devices and the Web.  Memeo has shipped over 59 million licenses to customers in more than 100 countries and 22 languages.

On Saturday, May 3rd, from 10am to 2pm, UNICOM Global will host a Technology Career Fair at the Sherman Oaks Courtyard Marriott Hotel on Ventura Blvd. Recently, Mr. Corry Hong, UNICOM’s founder and CEO, was interviewed by ClearChannel communications regarding the Career Fair.

ClearChannel: Please tell us about the upcoming UNICOM Global Technology Career Fair scheduled for Saturday, May 3, 2014.

Mr. Hong:  UNICOM Global is committed to California and we are on a mission to grow and keep cutting edge high-tech jobs here in California.  On Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 10 AM to 2 PM, UNICOM Global will be hosting a Technology Career Fair at the Sherman Oaks Courtyard by Marriott, 15433 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, California, located right near the 101 and 405 interchange, not too far from our corporate headquarters.  The UNICOM Technology Career Fair is aimed at experienced Software Engineers and Developers, as well as seasoned IT Support and Sales Professionals.  We would also like to meet entrepreneurs with business or technology ideas or proposals to discuss potential business opportunities, including partnerships or joint ventures. 

ClearChannel: What types of skills and experience are UNICOM Global looking for in its new employees?

Mr. Hong:  UNICOM Global is focusing our current efforts on experienced Software Engineers and Developers, as well as seasoned IT Support and Sales Professionals with at least three (3) years of relevant experience.  I personally believe that the entrepreneurial spirit is critical to IT success and it is what makes America great.  It is not coincidental that the United States is the leader in IT and that we are constantly molding how technology is evolving and impacting our world today. 

ClearChannel: How do you see UNICOM Global’s recent growth and acquisitions fitting with your plans and how do you see the IT market changing?

Mr. Hong: We recently acquired IBM Cognos Application Development Tools from IBM, and Cloud backup and secure file-sharing software from Memeo, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based software company.  According to the World Bank, over 2.4 billion users access the Internet, and there are over 6.5 billion mobile-phone subscriptions.  Today, IT spending has transformed into a global economy of its own.  Gartner Group and Forrester Research forecast 2014 global IT spending at $3.7 Trillion.  If it were its own country, “IT” would rank the 5th largest in terms of GDP.  The federal government is expected to spend $121 billion in the IT market in fiscal year 2014.  These staggering numbers should inspire technology industry leaders to understand the responsibility they face, and this is precisely what guides my leadership of UNICOM Global going forward.  UNICOM Global is focused on creating new jobs, continued investments in research and development, and ensuring organizations around the world can count on UNICOM Global as a trusted IT partner.  

ClearChannel: Sounds exciting. How do prospective applicants participate in the UNICOM Technology Career Fair?

Mr. Hong:  Motivated applicants can pre-register at, or if they are not able to attend the Technology Career Fair on May 3, 2014, they may submit a resume directly at

ClearChannel:  Is there anything we didn’t ask you that would be important for readers to know?   

Mr. Hong: I am privileged and honored to be talking with you.  As a young man growing up in Seoul, the decision to come to the United States and my choice to study computer programming were two of the best early decisions I made.  As UNICOM Global continues to grow and evolve, UNICOM Global remains open to seeking strategic partnerships with qualified professionals and entrepreneurs.  We believe such partnerships will further develop UNICOM Global’s IT innovations and our customers’ use of IT.  We want to help develop the next generation of Californian and American IT leaders and ensure that we build on and expand our country’s technical advantages for years to come.

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