UNICOM Capital PartnerWorld Program

The UNICOM Capital PartnerWorld program was founded in 2015 to focus on mature and growing midmarket NASDAQ and private companies with revenues between $10 million and $10 billion per year to help grow their businesses by providing financing services, technology expertise, business mentoring and one-on-one guidance.

When you join the UNICOM Capital PartnerWorld program, you connect with an unmatched portfolio of solutions and a global logistics force that provides the instruments to leverage critical trends to advance your business opportunities.  Together, we can power growth and profitability while making the world work better. Join us as you take your business to the next level through structured financing.

unicom-capital-pw-member-logo.pngJoin and experience the difference UNICOM offers.

UNICOM Capital’s PartnerWorld benefits include UNICOM funded offerings or discounts that represent tangible and unique, competitive marketplace offerings. The PartnerWorld benefits directly improve our partners’ revenue, profit and cost savings. Through the Program, partners find resources for their marketing and sales teams to help promote and sell their solutions using campaigns, the UNICOM Capital PartnerWorld marks, the UNICOM

Global channel programs, the UNICOM Global Marketplace, and more.

UNICOM Capital PartnerWorld Members gain access to:

  • Financing Services:  Corporate financing, equipment financing, outsourcing financing, working capital funding, commercial real estate financing and mergers and acquisitions financing
  • Technical Expertise: Over 37 UNICOM Global entities worldwide for face-to-face technical expertise and a portfolio of enterprise-grade solutions
  • Business Mentoring:  Personalized support and one-on-one guidance from the UNICOM executive team
  • Go-to-market Support: Exposure through UNICOM’s CEO/CIO Symposiums, UNICOM Customer Advisory Board and User Group Meetings and other events.  Showcase your solutions in the UNICOM Capital Solutions Directory and connect with enterprise clients

Take advantage of the UNICOM Capital PartnerWorld marketing and selling resources to grow your business.

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